METRO Cash and Carry

METRO Cash & Carry chain was the first wholesale chain in Greece in 1976, launching a new shopping philosophy for the professionals. The METRO Cash & Carry network retains since then a leading position in the Greek market with stores in every Greek location. METRO Cash & Carry has also presence in the South Aegean Region, by supporting local professionals in tourism and gastronomy. METRO Cash & Carry promotes local products from its stores to the Ho.Re.Ca entrepreneurs, supporting the producers and the local cuisine. In METRO Group we believe that it is important for the authentic, local cuisine to evolve and become an additional unique attraction for the visitors, by linking tourism and primary sector for the benefit of the local economy.

Nespresso Professional

Τρεις μοναδικές ποικιλίες καφέ Single Originαπό τη Nespresso Professional

Nespresso Professional embraces the high end «diners de gala» of the «South Aegean: 30 centuries of culinary culture» by offering three unique Single Origin coffees; Ristretto Origin India, Espresso Origin Brazil and Lungo Origin Guatemala. Even though up until recently “coffee” marked the end of a dinner, today, serving coffee opens up a whole new part of gastronomical indulgence and indicates the beginning of a new tasty round, inseparable to the rest of the meal, offering a whole new experience to the participants.

At the dinners, we focus on Ristretto Origin India (powerful and spicy with a gentle raciness) Espresso Origin Brazil (sweet and velvety with a delicate elegance) and Lungo Origin Guatemala (daring and velvety with a sharp character).

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, is Greece’s largest airline providing ever since its inception in 1999 until today, full service, premium quality short and medium haul services.

In 2013 AEGEAN acquired Olympic Air and through the synergies obtained, network, fleet and passenger numbers expanded fast. The Group welcomed 14m passengers onboard its flights in 2018.

2019 network covers 151 destinations (31 domestic and 120 international) to 44 countries, operated with a fleet of 61 Aircraft. Through its customer centered approached AEGEAN has gained recognition for its service and people. The Company has been honored with the Skytrax World Airline award, as the best European regional airline in 2019. This was the 10th time AEGEAN received the relevant award. In addition, AEGEAN received the Skytrax 2018 “Best Crew in South Europe” award. Among other distinctions, AEGEAN captured the 5th place, in the world's 20 best airlines list (outside the U.S.) in 2018 Readers' Choice Awards survey of Condé Nast Traveler. AEGEAN has been also recognized in the 2019 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards for Airlines winning the distinctions of “Best Regional Airline Europe”, “Best Regional Business Class Europe” and “Best Airline in Greece”.

In June 2018 AEGEAN signed a Purchase Agreement with Airbus, for the order of up to 42 new generation aircraft of the A320neo family and plans to place additional orders with lessors for up to 20 new A/C of the A320neo family.


Many companies of quality food products also contributed significantly to the organization of the event. Each one offered samples that were evaluated by the committee of tasters of "Toques d’ Or", judged worthy of use for the dinners, representing the quality of the South Aegean products. At the same time, their selection was welcomed by the participant chefs. We have the honor to present you the producers.


Andromeda: A leader in fish farming in Greece with activity across Europe and worldwide export power. It produces mainly sea bream, sea bass, meagre, sharp snout sea bream and common red sea bream. Following all regulations for proper nutrition and growth, guarantees healthy, quality and delicious products. More info: Tel.: 2106640963/7


Koaki gi A farm/creamery that breeds cows, sheep and goats producing high quality cheeses from their milk, including the "krasotiri" (local cheese of Kos) and the graviera (ripened for 12 months) that are suggested on the menu. More info: Tel.: 2242042455

Niotiko (Ios Cheese Factory): A creamery in Diaselia area of Ios, at an altitude of 450 m. It produces cheese from local sheep and goat milk of high quality. Among the products of the unit, is the kefalotiri from goat that is suggested on the menu. More info: Tel.: 2286092506

Kravasara Creamery: The small creamery of Asoutis family in Korthi of Andros produces cheeses, prepared by 80% with milk from their own cows. One of their iconic products is the soft "Volaki" (traditional cheese of Andros), which is suggested on the menu. More info: Tel.: 2282061304
facebook: Τυροκομικά Άνδρου Ασούτης Νίκος


Drosou Farm: "Drosou Farm" is a well-established technological unit in Corinth which specializes in the breeding of high quality Greek pork. The animal feed they use consists of 100% Greek cereal and fruits. The butcher’s farm in "Loutra Oraias Elenis" has a great variety of meat products in various cuts. More info: Tel.: 2741033833

Farma Palyvou: A family unit, whose facilities accommodate calves, pigs, lambs, and the famous goats of Karystos. The animals are being fed with absolutely natural foods, such as oat hay, corn and barley from their mill. Its products are available from the butchery and their family tavern Styra square and in their shop at Nea Styra. More info: Tel.: 2224051228


Cair: One of the biggest wineries in Greece focused on the production and promotion of high-quality Rhodian wines. Cair highlights through the indigenous and the traditional varieties, which are grown in the island, the unique characteristics of the Rhodian vineyards, as appeared in the wine. The winery applies strict criteria for the quality separation of grapes, favouring an innovative system of "honest harvest". More info: Tel.: 2241068770-3

Estate Argyros: The 4th generation of winemakers is based in Episkopi of Santorini and owns about 30 hectares of vineyards, including some of the oldest grapevines in the island of 200 years of age. The estate’s philosophy is to craft boutique wines based only on the indigenous varieties of Santorini and mostly with Assyrtiko, which totally expresses the microclimate and the volcanic soil of Santorini. More info: Tel.: 2286031489

Domaine Sigalas: The winery of Domaine Sigalas is located on the ancient plain of Oia, in Santorini. The most vibrant variety of the Mediterranean zone, the Santorini Assyrtiko as well as the Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria and the Mavrotragano are put to the best use possible, with respect to their organoleptic properties, producing quality wines that receive acclaim in international competitions, both in Greece and abroad. More info: Tel.: 2286071644

Gavalas Winery: The winery is located in a privately owned vineyard of 2 hectares, where Santorinian PDO indigenous varieties are grown, such as Assyrtiko, Athiri, Mandilaria, Aidani and some rare local varieties, such as Katsano, Gaidouria, Mavrotragano and Voudomato. It is engaged in the vinification of indigenous varieties in Santorini, based on the Gavalas family tradition and the experience of three centuries, highlighting the exceptional grape quality of the area. More info: Tel.: 2286082552

Santo Wines: The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, Santo Wines was founded in 1947. The winery is one of the most modern in Greece located on Caldera, built in different levels, like the surrounding vineyard. Santo Wines offers a notable variety of PDO wines and food products, which meet the highest quality standards and reflect their volcanic origin. In the cellars of the winery, there is the largest collect

Moraitis Winery: The winery of Moraitis family is located in Naousa of Paros. Since 1910, Manolis Moraitis was cultivating his own vineyards while at the same time he gathered and vinified grapes from selected vineyards of the island. Today, the 4th generation of the family cultivates on the privately owned vineyard of 10 hectares known and rare indigenous varieties of the island. Combing long-standing tradition with modern technology, it produces high quality wines, highlighting the unique terroir of Paros. More info: Tel.: 2284051350

Kounaki Wines: Greek and European varieties are cultivated in an area of 4 hectares of vineyards, producing up to 10 tons per hectare. The winery produces 10 different types of wine that are available in very small quantities (2000 to 5000 bottles per label). Kounaki Wines produces these wines aiming to high quality. The winery is staffed with oenologist and all necessary and qualified personnel for vinification, viticulture and visitor service. More info: Tel.: 6940695865br /> site:

Alexandris Family Winery: Alexandris Family Winery is located on the mountainous village of Embona in Rhodes and produces vibrant wines of high quality that carry the characteristics of the terroir of the mount Ataviros. Greek and international varieties are cultivated with great care in the privately owned vineyard of 4 hectares. The technological advance blends well with tradition throughout the stages of production, from vine growing to vinification. More info: Tel.: 2246041349
facebook: alexandriswinery