«South Aegean: 30 centuries of gastronomic culture»

The best chefs create modern dishes inspired by the Aegean culinary culture in five high profile dîners de gala.

Greeting from Regional Governor of South Aegean Region

Aegean gastronomy follows an unstoppable and continuous path, from prehistoric years up until now, from the brilliant narrations of Homer, the symposia of classical antiquity and the Deipnosophistae, from Plato’s “Symposio” to the “Siren Feasts” of Andrew Dalby, where the beginning of a fascinating course is being documented.

For the South Aegean region specifically, gastronomy is a social and cultural event. It is a philosophy and a way of living. Each and every one of its 50 inhabited islands has its own, special, unique cuisine. Because of this extraordinary gastronomic wealth our region has been recognized as the “European Region of Gastronomy” for 2019.

The island of Rhodes is a part of the gastronomic culture of the South Aegean. Through these hotel dinner menus, which are based on local products and traditional Rhodian recipes, the memory of the Aegean cuisine emerges. These dinners are a new culinary experience for the visitor and a tasting “ritual” of initiation to the secrets of the most ancient, rich and authentic cuisine of the world.

Regional Governor of South Aegean Region
Giorgos Hatzimarkos

The Institution

Under the decision of the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism, the South Aegean Region, consisting of the Cyclades and Dodecanese island groups, was awarded as “European Region of Gastronomy 2019” and is invited to express and promote internationally this aspect of the European culture. The Greek cuisine and its excellent local products are recognized officially for their quality and cultural dimension by a European organization for the first time, thanks to the efforts of the South Aegean Region, the Regional Governor Mr George Hatzimarkos and the committee members who work in this field.

The initiative is within the framework of the events that honour and highlight this recognition, supported by the South Aegean Region and five iconic hotels in Rhodes that offer gastronomic dinners of high aesthetic and gastronomic standards. The aim is to present the South Aegean cuisine in a modern way to the international travellers visiting the island, the local community and Greeks coming from all over the country. These dinners is a first well-thought approach in order to save and promote the South Aegean cuisine. At the same time, they mark a new institution that among other activities is proportionally responsible for the important task of the Greek cuisine development and especially of the South Aegean.

The local gastronomy is a key element of our culture that is worth saving, promoting and being a basis, a stimulus and an inspiration for today’s restaurateurs and chefs. This is exactly the purpose of these thematic dinners, organized currently in Rhodes and in other islands of the South Aegean Region in the future.

The incomparable charm of the South Aegean Polynesia